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Monday, January 28, 2008

Advice from my Web master

One of the things I have told my web design clients is that to get your site talked about and indexed, get out there and get involved online. Post articles, talk in forums, become the expert, and above all, start your own blog. Most of us keep making excuses why we can't do something, but I figure it's time to put my money where my mouth is. (This is from Irene's first blog.)

Web design is a relatively new part of my life. I've been online forever, with my career in science research, it's pretty much always been a part of the way things are done. As I've seen the pages and sites evolve, it got my scientific and creative minds together to discover how much of this I could learn and create for myself and subsequently, for others.

What began as a way to help out my friend Bob fix up his Ideaman site has turned into a part-time business creating new sites like Secret Selling Tips and, most recently, The Prosperous Farmer. I've also helped others, like Jeff with his investigations business, update what is otherwise a really nice site. Each design, each success has taught me something new and I believe that is the most important thing.

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One of the most important attributes of a vibrant personality is their ability to keep growing, to keep learning, to never take for granted the store of knowledge that is available to them. This is the true power of the web. We can access the knowledge of millions of minds - brilliant, average, and otherwise - but it is there for us to learn from. Then, finally, we too can share our 'wisdom', such as it is.

So, that is my bit of wisdom for this time around. Keep learning. Keep thinking.Keep questioning. But above all, Have fun!


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